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Senior Discount Offer!

If you’re 65 years or older you will receive 35% off on your basic tax preparation fee. Terms & conditions apply.

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If you receive a phone call or get an email that looks like it’s from Ontario Tax Services & Accounting Solutions  or CRA and ask you for private information, such as date of birth, passwords or credit card details or the email will tell you to visit a website.


If you randomly receive a phone call or get this kind of email, don’t click on any links or give any information. Make sure to check the identity of the sender/caller, call our office and get the confirmation.

35% Discounts for seniors age 65 years and up!

We have learned a lot from you over the years, now it’s time to show you some common grace and manners you deserve. If you are 65 years or older you will receive 35% off on your basic tax preparation fee when we file taxes for you. Please bring in all the slips you have for tax filing. Below is the list of slips for your reference purposes only:

Income Slips:
• Employment Income- T4, T4A
• Pension and Annuities- T4A, T4A(OAS), T4A(P), T4RIF, T4RSP
• Investment Income- T5, T3, T600, T5008, T5013 OR T5013A
• Foreign Assets
• Rental Income
• Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Income- T4RSP
• Schedule of Capital Gains and Losses
• Income from Self Employment
• Debt Forgiveness
• Other Income, including the following slips- T4E, T4PS, T5007, RC62, RC210

Deductions such as:
• Employment Expenses
• Rental Property Expenses
• RRSP Contributions
• Membership Fees, Union & Professional Dues
• Moving Expenses
• Alimony & Maintenance Payment
• Disability Support Expenses
• Allowable Business Investment Losses (ABIL)
• Legal Fees
• Stock Options
• Income Tax Installments Paid
• Pension Adjustment Reversal/Past Service Pension Adjustments
• Fines, Penalties and Levies etc.

Tax Credits (commonly seen used on a T1 return):
• Spousal Exemption
• Disability Amounts – T2201
• Medical Expenses
• Caregiver Amounts
• Charitable Donations
• Federal/Ontario Political Contributions
• Public Transit Pass Amounts
• Rent/ Property Tax Credit (conditions apply)

Our goal is to make sure that your personal tax return is filed accurately in a timely manner. We provide year-round tax support for every return we prepare. Please contact us for all your tax needs.

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